Education and Innovation for a Sustainable Future





Deforestation threatens world ecosystems in the most profound and devastating ways. Loss of forests currently affects rain patterns with resulting drought that endangers forests in Africa and elsewhere. It is estimated that 40% of world carbon emissions are from cutting trees.

Our student tree nurseries have provided tens of thousands of tree seedlings for schools and communities. Seedling sales provide needed income.  We implement long-term reforestation plans for our communities and profits from matured trees can exceed 10,000%.

Our Reforestation and Carbon Awareness module focuses on the environmental impact of carbon, and oxygen production in forests. We provide “how to” guidance for tree nurseries, access to markets for saplings and forestry planning.

African Students in a tree nursery-Reforestation module-Innov8 Africa
Tree seedlings in tree nursery-Reforestation Module-Innov8 Africa
Seedlings in Tree nursery-Reforestation Module-Innov8 Africa
Tree seedlings in tree nursery-Reforestation Module-Innov8 Africa
School children in Kenya —Innov8 Africa

Innov8 Africa is the trade name for Lee Brenneisen Foundation, a tax exempt “public charity” under §501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code.

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