Livestock Banking




Innov8 Africa works in predominantly pastoral environments. Pastoralists have a long history of raising livestock, including cows, goats and sheep. Parents who cannot afford school fees can donate goats and cows to the Livestock Bank. In turn, schools can double, and even triple their initial investments in less than 6 months or maintain profitable herds for decades.

Goats and cows can be sold to provide income for the schools. Students and communities are taught to have “balanced portfolios” with “cash in the bank” in addition to livestock.  Schools have used profits to build new school buildings, purchase school supplies, computers and even school buses.

Our Livestock Banking learning module is about “financial responsibility.” Students learn basics of budgeting and saving for their future.

Livestock Banking learning module with Nelson-Innov8 Africa
Cattle in Kenya-livestock banking program-Innov8 Africa
young girl with cattle in Kenya-livestock banking program-Innov8 Africa
School children in Kenya —Innov8 Africa

Innov8 Africa is the trade name for Lee Brenneisen Foundation, a tax exempt “public charity” under §501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code.

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