Exciting Partnership Announcement: Our Collaboration with Magic Oil Corporation

We are thrilled to announce our groundbreaking partnership with Magic Oil Corporation, a renowned leader in the energy sector. This collaboration promises to revolutionize the industry and drive sustainable energy solutions.

Our shared vision of innovation and renewable resources makes this partnership a significant milestone in our commitment to a greener future. By leveraging our expertise and resources, we aim to accelerate the development and adoption of clean energy technologies globally.

Magic Oil Corporation brings invaluable insights and experience to this partnership. Their commitment to environmental stewardship aligns seamlessly with our values, making it a natural fit.

Together, we will focus on renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and biofuels. By combining our research capabilities, we will overcome challenges and create a greener energy landscape.

An important area of focus will be advanced energy storage solutions. By addressing the intermittent nature of renewables, we aim to enhance reliability and scalability, crucial for a sustainable energy infrastructure.

Furthermore, we will explore joint ventures and investments in emerging markets. By leveraging our resources, we can drive economic growth and provide sustainable energy solutions to communities in need.

This collaboration goes beyond the energy sector, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and combating climate change. It aligns with our mission to create a better world.

We are excited about the potential this partnership holds. It signifies a bold step towards a more sustainable future. Join us in this collective effort to shape a greener world.

About Magic Oil Corporation: Magic Oil Corporation is a leading global energy company with a strong focus on sustainable practices. Their diverse portfolio spans conventional and renewable energy sources, and they are renowned for their research and commitment to the environment.

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Thousands of Children Involved in World Water Day

Students in Narok County Schools Take Part in Water Awareness Contest

Beginning with United Nations’ “World Water Day” on March 22, the Lee Brenneisen Foundation designed 3 team building contests for our schools. Over 3,000 students participated, with all receiving certificates of participation and winning teams taking home solar study lamps.

Students calculated the volume of water which can be collected from Schools roofs, and developed water conservation strategies. Individual students are engaged in a County-wide essay contest for developing a comprehensive school water and health program. Prizes include scholarships

The video was seen by more than 6,000 students.

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Innov8 Provides 4000 Solar Study Lamps for Hurricane Victims

In September 18, 2017, hurricane Maria, one of the strongest hurricanes in history, wiped out the island of Dominica. Winds exceded 200 miles per hour, leaving most buildings without roofs. Electricity will take years to restore.

In partnership with the Ministry of Education, the Lee Brenneisen Foundation identified children from 71 primary and secondary schools who had no electricity in their homes, and provided them with 4,000 solar study lamps.

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School children in Kenya —Innov8 Africa

Innov8 Africa is the trade name for Lee Brenneisen Foundation, a tax exempt “public charity” under §501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code.

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