Food Security




We all know that hungry students have difficulty learning. Therefore, Innov8 Africa helps schools grow their own food by planting “kitchen gardens.”

Our Food Security learning module teaches all aspects of organic gardening. We provide access to resources, instructions, drought resistant seed varieties and organic additives that help soils retain moisture.  

Free Primary Education in Kenya was rolled out in 2002 but school feeding programs are not available to all students, nor do they provide adequate nutrition. Our students are learning social enterprise through growing and selling produce. Surplus produce is sold to the public and proceeds are used to buy books, computers, school supplies, etc. 

African students with harvested kales — food security program— Innov8 Africa
Chairman Ernie Williams with Mt Kenya Kids in garden -food security program-Innov8 Africa
African students preparing carrots-food security program-Innov8 Africa
African girls in garden with harvested squash - Food security program -Innov8 Africa
School children in Kenya —Innov8 Africa

Innov8 Africa is the trade name for Lee Brenneisen Foundation, a tax exempt “public charity” under §501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code.

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