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Education and Innovation for a Sustainable Future

We help more than 10,000 Kenyan school children access education and innovation that improve lives and increase opportunities.


Innov8 Africa* partners with schools and communities, teaching life skills and promoting social enterprise through “Activity-Based Learning.”

We serve more than 10,000 school children and their communities, providing millions of liters of Clean Water; helping schools grow their own food; planting trees; creating livestock banks; teaching beekeeping, establishing poultry operations; providing solar solutions; and building computer laboratories.

Our team consists of teachers, local leaders, school board members, and our dedicated staff of local and international innovators.

Our goal is to change lives by providing opportunities to communities in greatest need, while preserving their unique cultures and traditions.

When you support Innov8 Africa, you become a vital part of our team, empowering children, and their communities to thrive!

*Innov8 Africa is the trade name for Lee Brenneisen Foundation, a tax exempt “public charity” under §501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code.


The “8” in our name refers to the eight eco-friendly learning modules, developed over the past decade.

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Clean Water

We provide clean water for schools and communities in need, helping to not only sustain life but improve it dramatically by preventing water-borne illness.

Food Security

We work with schools to grow their own food and sustain reliable access to good nutrition.


We guide the regrowth of natural forests, raising and selling tree seedlings and supporting carbon awareness while providing global perspectives for our students.

beekeeping icon


We teach communities how to create and maintain bee colonies, producing and selling honey while preserving environments through pollination.

Poultry Farming

We provide practical training so that schools and families may successfully raise poultry both as a food source and as social enterprise.

Livestock Banking

We train families in banking and money management skills turning “money on the hoof” into “money in the bank” guarding against drought and factors leading to herd loss.

Solar Power

We supply solar-powered solutions such as solar study lamps, figuratively and literally shining a light in classrooms and in homes without electricity.

Computer Technology

We train students in computer literacy providing educational support tools, immediate access to information, and career opportunities through computer laboratories.

Waving Children Ntuka - Innov8 Africa

Innovation That Empowers Independence

Learn how our 8-module approach empowers students and communities though practical education, environmental initiatives, and access to smart technology.

Innovation for a Better Today & a Brighter Future

Join Innov8 Africa’s mission to bring education, real-life innovations, and long-term solutions  to Kenyan children and their communities.
Happy little girl – Innov8 Africa
Chairman Ernie Williams with kids
School children in Kenya —Innov8 Africa

Innov8 Africa is the trade name for Lee Brenneisen Foundation, a tax exempt “public charity” under §501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code.

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